Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

We'll call this week "Back on Track." As much as I loved our fun dinner out on Wednesday night it was very difficult to start off the "week" with negative points. There was a big -25 on my tracker. I spent the entire week trying to dig myself out of this hole- which I did with activity points- but it was challenging to eat really healthy all weekend and I might have failed a little bit. Especially when I devoured at least 2 avocados in the dip Paul made after our hike on Sunday. 
But I wouldn't have traded that dinner for anything and there was no way I was going to put foie gras in the tracker (that alone is 11 points). 

So I was a little lax on tracking this week. And I didn't eat all that well. But that's ok. My weight stayed exactly the same and I totally kicked butt climbing, riding, hiking, and gyming. 
Ed, our team leader, gave out turtle stickers to put in our tracker books at the meeting today. Turtle 1, Emily 0
My current weight- 170lb