Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watery Grave

As we sailed out onto the Bay on Saturday afternoon I couldn't help but note that it felt a little warm. Sunny, light wind, little warm- that's how I like my boating. We started towards Angel Island to see the "Old Boat" race that had started a few hours before. Angel Island blocks the waves coming from the Pacific, so we were able to meander quietly along observing the boats and eating lunch. 
Once we'd had our fill and decided to head home we could see the waves beyond the safety of our Island shelter. Big but ok. As we got close the the marina it was time to start maneuvering, taking down the jib, but the waves by that point were so large that the rocking of the boat made me too nervous to man the tiller and point the boat into the wind. So we took a bit of a different track that kept the boat sailing and let Paul get to the front to take the sail down. We headed back to the calmer waters of Angel Island and took the main sail down, the jib back up, and sailed home jib only into the Marina before I felt comfortable enough to get the boat around into the wind and all the sails down. 
Paul said that I was a good sailor that day but I had several very dramatic meltdowns. 6ft waves and 40mph gusts are just more than this girl can handle. 

It's hard to see the true height of the waves in this photo but it documents our last few moments before making it into the Marina.