Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

So I was really awesome today and left on my jury duty lunch and weighed in at the Weight Watchers in Hayward. 
The not so awesome part was that I was up 1.2lb. I guess once I started eating again after the big job announcement my body just couldn't help but to put some pounds back on. 
It probably didn't help that I ordered Ranch with my salad last Tuesday (and this Tuesday) just to make the cafeteria food more palatable. And still, 4 pounds was a lot to lose in a single week. 
I did pack my lunch today. Stuck it in the little fridge in our jury room. Everyone went out to the local burger joint or taqueria and I went to WW and ate in the hallway. There's a little something to be said about that at least. 
My current weight is 163.8lb.