Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

Let me tell a short story. On Saturday Erika and I went on a faux hike up Claremont Trail. Pant Pant. It was much steeper than I remember it being. So after awhile we turned around and found the most adorable row of shops at the bottom. Erika bought a small bottle of gourmet Mushroom and Herb Olive Oil. We decided to forgo Peet's and do a tiny wine taste at a boutique wine bar. We each bought a bottle. Recipe for disaster. 
On to Trader Joes for groceries where we also picked up a loaf of french bread and two wedges of cheese. 
Then home to drink all the wine (just kidding- only one bottle), all the cheese, all the bread, and not all, but probably too much, olive oil. 
Then rum and cokes, and beers, and more wine. 
Grimace. What can I say? The warm weather makes me feel like I'm in college again!

And my weight stayed the same! 167! Well almost. I did go up .8lb in the last week (May 2) weigh in. 

Between Mendocino, Parents visit, Car smashed/ phone stolen- yeah. I'm not upset in the least. 
However I did say to Paul last night that he needs to hold my butt to the flames. It has become too easy in the past three weeks to skip tracking and I need to be more accountable. 
So as I use up the last of my 26 points this evening for a glass of wine I say- Cheers! To a good eating week!