Sunday, July 29, 2012

HMI July: Day 1

Ben and I showed on Saturday in our Long Stirrup Division and the Classic. I tried hard not to think too much about our June Classic win. Every ride is different, different courses, different judges. Just because we did so well before didn't mean we were going to have the same luck. 
Ben wearing his winners cooler when I showed up didn't do anything to help my butterflies. 
 Turns out we didn't have much to worry about... we ended up Reserve Champions in our division (each of the three classes in the division had points associated with each place- our total points set us 2nd to the Champion- hence Reserve), 2nd in our Warm Up Round, and 4th in the Classic (there were 10 people this time instead of 4). The Reserve Ribbon on the left, the white Ribbon, and one of the Blues are ours. 
 A color guard group came and opened up the Grand Prix. Their polo wraps sparkled with glitter!
 So proud of this guy!