Monday, July 30, 2012

HMI July: Day 2

I was certainly sad to see Paul depart on his nine day trip for work but happy that he left at 9:15am so I could jet out to the barn. I wasn't showing but still wanted to enjoy the sunshine and cheer my barnmates on!
Ben was rowdy and just wanted treats. That's all he ever wants. 

 My coworker's mare had a little foal on Saturday morning and the barn was close so I zipped by to say hello!
 He's an Arabian.

I dropped by the Petaluma Art and Equestrian festival which just happened to be right next to Sonoma Horse Park and picked up a piece from local artist, Linda Donohue, for my cube at work. Not the exact painting- but be patient pets. 
Rounding out the day with a delicious burrito and an early bedtime. Already looking forward to the show next weekend!