Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday: Water was a little Rough

But of course that was to be expected. They were White Water Rapids after all!
Paul and I signed up for a day long adventure- 10 to 3ish which included a scenic cruise down the river, steak lunches, and rapids! The water was quite chilly so we all wore wetsuits along with life vests and splash jackets. 
The scenic trip was absolutely gorgeous and relaxing. Lunch was great! I had waded through some water at our lunch spot and my wetsuit dried out the second half of the tour causing lots of itching around my bottom. But I quickly forgot as we came upon our first set of rapids. Hmmmm. Quite a bit tamer than I had anticipated. Although the boat full of tiny kids next to us should have been an indicator. 

Our tour brought us back right outside of Glacier and we stopped and had Huckleberry ice cream. I had put my Toms on top of the car to dry after the Sunday rain and they were warm and wearable. We headed to a tucked away lodge just a few minutes outside the park and had SHOWERS and DINNER and WINE with a family from my barn who was also visiting Glacier, the Halliwells. 
The Halliwell Family- Paul (honorary member), John, Oscar, Buzz, Patsy, Vicki, and Olivia. It was a lovely evening and they were so welcoming!