Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday: Rain, Rain Go Away

We had some pretty spectacular thunder storms on Saturday night- the thunder shook the ground so hard that when I woke I thought we were in the middle of a quake. California living and all that. I was also a little confused by the sprinkle we had on Thursday night. Why is water coming out of the sky? It's June. 
After a hearty breakfast of apple pie and danish, we our goodbyes to the Dufrechou family around mid-day and headed North back towards Kalispell- the gateway to Glacier. 

We needed to pick up a few supplies so we stopped at the local Walmart. Walmart's are the same across the country- full of weird people. I don't think I've stepped foot into a Walmart since....I'm trying to think. Not Cali. Not Indy. I don't think they had a Walmart in Scottsdale, AZ. 
Little did I know that just a few moments away, literally in the same shopping center, there was a Target. The photo below is of Paul eating his sandwich in the Target parking lot. We were in the Target parking lot because I wanted the game Qwirkle and he was in the van because it was raining. Again. 

Look at Me! Look at me!

We stopped by Apgar Village to get some information at the Visitor Center. They aren't kidding when they say village. Hotel, restaurant, shops. While Paul collected information I went to each and every single store (there were like 7 of them) trying to find a tee shirt that said something about surviving the grizzlies at Glacier National. Just as we were finishing up (or Paul was waiting for me to finish up) the skies darkened and we put the pedal to the metal to get to Fish Creek campground. 
Nonetheless as we were waiting to check in we had the thunders and the lightnings. 
So we sat in the van, drank beer, and played Qwirkle. I Qwirked! 
Trying to be cheerful while the mud slowly soaks into my Toms.