Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I am totally on the fence right now. I've been to two meetings since starting the new job at two different locations AND I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO CHOOSE!

There are pros and cons to each:

About 10 minutes from the office
Peet's Coffee across the street
Easy to access area
Nice leader
Wednesday 11:45 time

REALLY small group- there were only 7 of us....I'm used to 20+

The leader was really enthusiastic but the small group didn't have many volunteers willing to discuss.....

Great leader (I found out from the leader today that she's the HEAD leader)
Large group 
Lots of sharing
There is one gal who looks like a Grandma Rhinestone Cowgirl and she's my idol

Leader is almost too into it
About a 15-20 min drive
Thursday noon time (I really like the flow of WW Wednesday)
Peet's is available but I have to walk further

Rats. I still don't know. Since I gained a little bit since my last weigh which was.....when(?) I think I'll go to Fremont next week to get a bit more encouragement. But Hayward is so much easier to get to. 
Decisions. Weight Watcher Thursday? Doesn't really have the same ring.....
My current weight: 168lb. Yes. Up 3.6lb.