Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Show of the Season

Ben and I showed on Sunday in the last Sonoma Horse Park show of the season. We laid out two lovely courses (first and second) and a great flat (first- would have been last if the judge had seen Ben break from the canter to a trot- very subjective, this sport) to wind up Champions in our Equitation Long Stirrup Division. No need to mention the Metal class we rode in at 4:30-  18 wheel trailer met Ben head on coming out of an oxer- (spook- tip my hat- dismiss myself- I'm too old for this).
I'm happy it's over. I mean, it's really hard being awesome all the time. 
But sad too. When I lesson I worry a lot- are the jumps too high, will I find a distance... At shows I worry a ton the night before, the day of, the moment before I step into the ring. But once I start my courtesy circle, I think about getting Ben on pace, and then go into autopilot and don't have a single thought until we finish the last fence. That perfect rhythm, breathing together, the melding of two spirits. Capturing that feeling, if only for the briefest of moments, is what moves me forward. 

 Ben was being inappropriate. 
 Cute crimps from the braids.