Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I'm down .8lb this week. IwillnotbefrustratedIwillnotbefrustrated. And as my lovely, very skinny, about to be married coworker pointed out- that's basically three glasses of water. 
Right-o. I'm just kidding. She's very nice. 
I had a chat with my sister a few weeks ago after we both had just completed grocery shopping for the week. She asked if I know that TJ's had jarred Pesto... which indicated to me that she had just purchased some and was likely going to dig in with just a spoon. Yes- I sighed. I know. Not that I've ever bought it. Seriously I haven't. So when she told me that she and Celia were developing potbellies (fyi they're like size 00) my only thought was- "eat up kiddies- revenge is sweet."
My current weight: 167