Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lands End and Lemon Water

I'm totally drinking water with lemon right now. It's like this Dailey Method has made me all healthy or something. Because I never drink water let alone fancy water. I am a total sucker for advertising- I'm still devastated I didn't get my hands on that Target Jacket. Once I saw the "little bright dress" in my Real Simple I promptly jumped onto my IPad (go super tech #ecommerce me- hashtag and all) and took a spin through Lands End
May I just note that when I added that "Target Jacket" link I reread the old post and wanted it because I had seen an ad for it in Real Simple. They're doing something right over there. 
The idea of bright dresses only got me to the punch color on the left. I bought the second dress in grey. It's my favourite color after all.