Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've been weighted in or able to stay for a meeting. The darn work just keeps messing with my schedules! Which is actually a little ok since I'm still grappling with how I fit in this particular group. There's this little old lady (seriously old old) that shows up every week. I know she has a husband, is french, drinks 3 ounces of wine with dinner every night (and not only that- she takes a bite of food, puts down her fork, takes a sip of wine....and repeats), eats a banana every day for potassium, and has recently discovered the yogurt parfait. 
Which is fine. Good for her. I don't really care. 
Perhaps I should work on not being so judgmental at the meetings. One gal shared that when she eats a meal she puts one category of food on her plate at a time. Veggies first, then back up for lean meat, then perhaps the starch or carb if she has one. Great idea right? Then there's not the need to "clean the entire plate." But then she shared that she sits and eats on the living room floor indian style so that getting up takes effort and perhaps she won't go back for the third portion. 
Ummmmm. Eye roll and WTF. Super judgey. Paul read me an interesting couple of paragraphs from his book about habits. When I came home and told him this story he said she was probably trying to break a habit. Paul & WW meeting: 1
Emily: 0
And I'm not one to talk- I gained since my last weight in- current weight at 167.8lb