Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weight Watcher Thursday

I've already lost 3.2lb- which is probably and primarily consisting of water weight but whateves- I'll take it. When my retailer asked me to go to dinner last night I was like "NOOOOOOOOO" because I believe that if you're going to pay for food at a restaurant you might as well eat something good. Which I did. 
The general consensus is that we're not 100% keen on the leader. The question was, "what to you eat before you go to bed if you're hungry?" Then somehow we (the leader) started talking about how milk soothes you because of the Calcium etc. And how like it can be warmed or not warmed- and it got into this weird tangent. Anyway- I raise my hand and share in a cheerful way how sometimes if I need something sweet I have a skinny cow ice cream bar- it's only 4 points! Seriously everyone in the room was nodding and, I mean, basically applauding because who doesn't like Skinny Cows? 
And the leader says," Well that's fine but it doesn't count towards your daily dairy servings." 
Ummm. Do you think anyone in this room really cares about dairy servings? Or is concerned that if they put their freshly cut (or even store bought) fruit salad in the fridge that magically zero point fruit is going to morph into 5 point fruit because they're mixed together? No. No one cares. Everyone is in Weight Watchers for a reason and everyone wants to eat Trader Joes Kettle Corn and Skinny Cow's and not talk about inspirational words (not to be mistaken for phrases as one poor coworker found out). It's about finding ways to be healthy, feel full, and still enjoy a damn ice cream. Lady.