Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weight Watcher Thursday

I know exactly why I lost weight this week. We walked into the movie theater on Sunday. Obviously my natural inclination was to head directly towards the popcorn line. Yes. Why would anyone ever want to enjoy a movie without popcorn? In fact, I'm not certain I've EVER even seen a movie without popcorn. 
I took a few steps in the direction of that faux butter smell but noticed my parents heading up a set of escalators. Where were we going? Maybe there was gourmet popcorn upstairs? No! We just went into our theater, sat down, and waited for the movie to start. I thought about making a break for it, getting a bucket, and sneaking back into my seat- or at least feigning a cough to get a diet Coke. But I stuck it out like the trooper I am and actually didn't miss it once the movie started. And I certainly didn't miss that tummy ache that comes with eating too much popcorn!