Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whirlwind Trip to CLE

Whew! What a fun and too quick trip back home to Cleveland! 
What didn't we do is probably the best question! 
After a restful red eye- I got in around 11am on Saturday morning. Whisked home and fed some wonderful clam soup- which was so wonderful that I dined on that alone for most of the weekend. 
Dad and I went on a quick tour to see his office, the official clubhouse (which I had not been allowed to enter until Saturday), and the boat all wrapped and ready for winter. On the way home we stopped for a much needed Americano at Erie Island Coffee!

We went out for a grand dinner at The Greenhouse Tavern where we had the 5 course "tasting menu" AND the bread plate! But first we had to stop at the Horse Shoe Casino and grab a martini at The Chocolate Bar. 
On Sunday we did some serious decompressing which meant a trip to see Gravity on IMAX 3D, a long nap, and Sunday night football. 
Monday was the big day- and honestly I spent most of the morning working until I got a call from Mom around noon saying that Dad was going into recovery. Hurry up and wait is NOT specific to horse shows. 
I got some great snaps of Dad in his hospital room, but I'm not sure if I can share since he's wearing a gown. We spent some time as a family chattering away and then Mom and I headed out to George Town Restaurant, a fabulous Lakewood restaurant, to catch the tail end of Happy Hour. I hadn't realized how close we'd come to missing it until Mom ordered two glasses of wine for each of us. The food was great and I enjoyed having Mom all to myself. I can't remember the last time I was able to hang with my parents without siblings or spouses around. It was great! 
Catch my ride with neighborhood friend Kate over at Wilbur & Emily sometime soon- but I spent Tuesday morning riding. Mom and I made it to the hospital in time to catch Dad's PT and watched him wield his walker in a surprising deft manner. Nice one Dad. 
Then up up and away- back to SFO. I had the whole row to myself = sleep, wine, cheese plate, Game of Thrones, Peanut M&Ms- what? It was a 5 hour flight!