Sunday, May 4, 2014

Europe Vacation- The Flight

This is going to be a bazillion part series because I have tons of photos without even reviewing all of the shots from Chris and Paul!

So let's start! We had a noon flight on Wednesday April 24th- direct to Heathrow airport. The travel portion of the trip was what had given me the most trepidation- long flight are the worst- my lower left back gets very sore anytime I'm on a flight for more than a few hours. 

I brought a ton of mags from home but was really looking forward to catching up on all of my horse blogs. Not to be as apparently international flights do not have wifi. Luckily the little TVs on the back of our seats were stocked with movies so I watched The Hobbit, Wolf of Wall Street, and Frozen. And they fed us! A little BBQ chicken meal as the main course, an ice cream bar half way through, and a tiny croissant for breakfast. 

Speaking of food- I stopped into a news store to grab a few peanut M&M's and the guy in front of me bought, literally, $70 worth of candy. Straight up candy! Guess who was our window seat companion? I thought we had hit the jackpot but he was bringing all the goodies home to his sister in Dublin. 

We were so excited we didn't sleep a wink! There were a few turbulent spots where the flight attendants were asked to sit and I thought we were going to die- but we landed safely at about 8am. Through customs and over to Nicole's gate (she was flying in from Manchester). 

We fortified with coffees and off we went to explore London!