Monday, April 5, 2010

Classic Paul

The Save the Dates came in the mail- don't they look nice Paul? 
And look! The return address is printed on the back so addressing them will be easy!
Paul, let's get started on those Save the Dates, I'd like to have them in the mail by Saturday. I even brought a black pen home from work to use (instead of ugly blue...I think there's a "zilla" inside me just waiting to burst out)!

Will you please write out your addresses?

If you don't address your Save the Dates I'm going to fire you as Wedding Planner. 

At this rate, the magnets are going to show up after the wedding!

Bah! Why are you addressing your Save the Dates in PENCIL?

OMG! Why did you write the return address on the corner- it's ALREADY PRINTED ON THE BACK!
His response? He wrote in pencil so he could erase the return addresses. 
Classic Paul.