Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday October 11th

We joined the crew of the Trinity, plus 15 other adventurers for a relaxing snorkel trip. Rise and shine, greeted with coffee, juice, and cinnamon rolls aboard the catamaran. Our first stop was the Molokini Crater. After getting our fill of the sparkly fish we headed over to Makena Bay to swim with the turtles. Or in my case, swim away, which I did every time I made eye contact with one. Da dum. Da dum. Dadumdadum.....TURTLE!
A tasty homemade lunch on the craft and a leisurely sail back to the harbor. 

We suppered at The Waterfront, which was a fail in the yum department, but afforded a wonderful view of the sunset! The waiter made a silly joke that every time I said "Thank You," I was in fact thanking him personally. Since his name was "Hugh." Get it. Thank Hugh. Right. I didn't say Thanks for the rest of the night.