Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flowerchild Dwelling

Oh dear. I visited this blog today. I've taken you to the favorites page listing a whole slew of other favorite blogs. On one hand I love perusing- I love it. On another- I'm like excuse me what the h. Who has time for this stuff? Firstly to make their blog adorable. Secondly to figure out not only how to work a camera but the photo editing software that goes with it? Thirdly making all this yummy food and from only organic/raw/vegan/farmers market supplies? Fourthly wears really cute outfits with perfect hair all the time? 
I that really real life for anyone? If it is could I possibly get some life coaching advice from this person. Perhaps I should tackle this one day at a time. Like on Monday I will put together a cute outfit. Tuesday I will get up early and do my hair and makeup. Wednesday I will cook a dinner. Thursday I will knit a scarf. Friday I will..... doesn't that sound like quite a bit of effort? 
Whoops sorry. I am obvi feeling a touch frumpy. But mostly just cold. Winter is not the time to motivate. It's the time to eat chili and nap. 
Perhaps I will try to make a terrarium this weekend. Yes I will!