Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Love Animals. Still on the Fence About Babies.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon with Miss Addison- Emily and Tilman's one month old daughter. 
They looked exhausted. And a couple of times while Emily was explaining in great detail every stage of the labor process she'd break off and forget her place in the story. That's how tired she was. And then I'd have to say- "ok- so a lot of pain was happening-" and she'd pick up where she left off. Except that was basically the whole story. 

And I'm not going to say that Addison was not really cute and she only cried one time.
And Paul just suggested that I add another disclaimer. The remainder of this post has nothing to do directly with Addison. She is by far the best baby I've seen. We love her. 

But it's interesting to gauge emotional response to the following photos......
 Oh look! A baby that is really small!
 I will take all of you. Line you up on my bed. Tie ribbons on your ears. And cuddle you until your eyes pop out. 
 Oh look! A tiny baby wearing a LION hat! 
You cannot escape my love you furry kitten. 
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