Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I better have lost weight this week. I didn't go hiking on BOTH Saturday and Sunday for nothin! Happy to say that I've been a solid food tracker all week long, did not eat all of my 49 extra points, and accumulated 24 "extra" activity points (that I didn't use). 
In this week's meeting we talked about beverages that held a surprising number of points values. Peet's is right around to corner so a number of members had coffee drinks. One guy tried to argue that his 20oz skim latte was 2 points. Yeah right buddy. My 2TBLS of half and half are 2 points. You've got at least 4 in that cup. How people choose to spend their points is an interesting thing. I would never dream of spending 4 points on a cup of coffee yet several members seemed delighted that their lattes fit into the budget. I've already switched to americanos so that the only points showing up are from my creamers (BTW- adding skim adds a point- I might as well enjoy half and half and add an extra point). I guess some people have more points to burn through. Now that I'm at the minimum 26 points a day I'm much for careful about how the points are used- i.e. saved for wine. 
I lost 1.2 this week- my current weight is 166.