Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baking a Pie in the Bathroom

Brief hiatus from the Europe trip. Paul flew to Baltimore on Sunday for a week long work trip and left me alone in our scary, creaky, big house. 

How am I supposed to recover my sleep from Europe when I'm leaping out of bed every 30 seconds and running downstairs to see what that noise was? 

I was doing my usual routine last night- checking all the windows, flinging open the closet doors and shower curtains, peeking under the bed...... I am not exaggerating. 
I realized that the downstairs bathroom window does not lock. 

Oh my god. This is the window that the burglar/ murderer/ alien is going to use to enter our house! We had a similar issue with the lock on our upstairs sliding glass door so Paul ingeniously wedged wood planks strategically so that it wouldn't open. 

Quick! Think! What can I lodge in here to prevent an attack? 
At least it's finally getting some use.