Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Friday & Saturday April 25 & 26: London

It's actually quite sad- I don't seem to have many pics of our time in London. 

Our day Friday was actually quite short. Poor Paul had been up with me most of the night so when Nicole arrived to start the day at 9:30 he was still asleep and I had just taken a tub. I pulled myself together enough to breakfast on watermelon with Nicole in the hotel but then had to take a little rest. We finally got rolling at 2 and walked around the Tower of London (too late in the day to actually go in), saw the London bridge, and the bridge that probably should have been the London bridge. 

It was pretty drizzly and grey so we stopped into a pub (my stomach was having none of it) then met Chris for dinner at one of their favorite spots- Yalla Yalla.

A traditional English breakfast at the hotel and one last visit to Buckingham Palace- where we saw the tail end of the changing of the guard- rounded out our time in London. We headed off the Gatwick to catch our flight to Croatia!
Not the London Bridge

Changing of the Guard wrap up

Gorgeous Garden at Buckingham Palace

Tower of London